The night, during Spring Break, where everything changes for Peter and everyone around him.


Everyone heads back to their cabins, a little freaked out by Peter's story and the howl they heard. Peter, Mikey, and Christie are heading back with Christie saying she is worried about Peter due to him being somewhat of a recluse like his grandfather. Peter responds to that by saying that she and Mikey are his only friends since the rest of the school sees him as an outcast and hates him due to him standing out as a geek. Christie agrees but says he's a good friend and person, but wishes he would show more interest in other activities that would help him make more friends. In the end, Christie gives Peter a kiss on the check and playfully makes fun of him for blushing.

At around midnight, Peter went out to use the washroom while Mikey and Tommy talk about Peter being at the camp. Mikey and Christie brought Peter to toughen up while Tommy is convinced that Peter getting stronger won't happen and that he only came to avoid Roland who is still getting punished by the coach for the cafeteria incident. Peter meanwhile is on his way back from the restroom, looking at the stars, and thinking how he could just see areas like the campsite from a television and avoid the bugs. It then occurs to him that he has become lost. An hour passes as he is trying to find his way back to the campsite, be starts to panic, and think of what he should do. Suddenly, he catches the sight of what he hopes is a St. Bernard, but is soon revealed to be a wild creature, and it has noticed Peter. With no other options, Peter makes a break for it with the creature following him until Peter bangs his head and collapses. Peter wakes up, thinking he lost it only to be jumped by he creature, and bitten in the shoulder. As Peter is beginning to fade back into unconsciousness, the creature welcomes him to the world of darkness and leaves him.

While a worried Christie is waiting for a response from the teachers and park rangers, Peter stumbles back into the campsite with Christie giving him a hug as Mikey who had gone to bed joins them as well. Just as they are talking about Peter's wounds, Peter collapsed again from exhaustion and blood loss.

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