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Like Peter, Charles is very protective of Jean ever since he met her, pitying the girl's suffering and was greatly saddened and angered when she was nearly killed by the Argent Hunter, Raynare.  Like Peter, Charles first viewed Jean as a little sister that he needed to protect and was willing to fight anyone that tried to hurt her such as Raynare, Freed Seltzer, and Kate Argent. In fact, when Jean was supposedly killed by Raynare, the negative emotions of losing Jean made Charles temporarily transform into his Wolf Form, and brutally beat her, nearly killing her.

He believes that he must protect her from everyone, including himself, and tries to think of her as a little sister.  But it becomes harder for him, since he sees her as both beautiful and innocent, to which he comments to Laura is a dangerous combination for a woman.  Later on, their relationship strengthens and rather than seeing her as his little sister, Charles starts seeing her as a single girl and a woman, as he falls in love with her.

After that event, she became more bold and daring in their relationship, as it is implied that she gives him a good morning kiss almost every morning, became tearfully happy when their love prediction is favorable and declaring that she wants to bear his child. 

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Oil and water at first, Charles became her roommate once she moves in to Talbot Hall. They are quite close, as Charles is somewhat of her counterpart, and has been teaching her social skills that she was not taught during her army life. Despite acknowledging Laura as an official friend, Charles is willing to help Laura win Peter's heart, but the two remain very close with one another, to the point where Laura starts becoming more soft-spoken, and where the two treat each other like siblings, sharing secrets and stories at night in their own room.

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