After a week of recovery, Peter returns home with his grandfather, unaware that the Full Moon is coming.


Peter was rushed to the hospital as soon as the teachers were informed of his condition, with Mikey and Christie going along with them. They visited Peter daily while Christie wouldn't leave Peter's side the whole time he was asleep. Surprisingly, Sir Talbot had also come daily to check on his grandson's condition. After six days of sleep, Peter finally woke up on Saturday and was feeling better. The doctors examining Peter are baffled by Peter's condition having recovered so fast after taking damage from such an attack. The doctor says Peter will be ready for school on Monday but Sir John showed concerned about Peter being attacked by a wolf. As Sir John is getting the car and the family butler Singh, Peter talks with Christie and Mikey and apologizes for messing up their spring break and for acting like a jerk while at the camp site. Mikey agrees with Peter and they all have a big laugh before Peter goes home with Sir John and Singh.

Later that night at Talbot Hall, Peter and Sir John are sitting in the study room and the two have a somewhat awkward talk about Peter's drama club activities which soon leads to a discussion about Sir John's wife and Peter's grandmother. According to Sir John, she had committed suicide due to unknown reasons, but shows that he still loves her even after all the years that have passed. After talking about what they think attacked Peter along with the Blackmoor incident, Sir John then brings up Peter's parents and how close he was to his brother and Peter's father when they looked up at the moon along with a poem about the moon Peter's mother used to tell him. Peter then goes to bed while Sir John and Singh go out on some late night errands.

As midnight draws closer, Peter is beginning to feel sick in bed from his body overheating. He sluggishly made his way to the bathroom, he then catches sight of the full moon shining into the room, and suddenly felt great pain go through his body to the point of blacking out. When he woke up he discovered that he had become a werewolf. At first he was frighted by his new form along with the fear of losing control, but didn't feel any anger rising up from him, just the new feelings of being in a new body. He then began to take notice of all the physical changes to his body until he felt the sensation of hunger and the feeling of boredom.

Character AppearanceEdit

  • Peter Talbot
  • Mikey Corvis
  • Christie Argent
  • Sir John Talbot (first appearance)
  • Singh (first appearance)