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Down below, you'll find the links to the art sites for my stuff I can't post on this site.

FMH Deviantart Folder - Deviantart page

Full Moon Knights art - Devianart page

Full Moon High the story - Fanfiction story

Full Moon Knights - Fanfiction story

Full Moon High Group - Group on Deviant Art

Full Moon High: of Monsters and Men - Fanfiction story by the P.B.G.

Full Moon Scales - Fanfiction story by markzilla6895

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Peter human 1
Peter Talbot
Peter Talbot is the main character of the Full Moon High story. A young man given the gift of being a werewolf, but unknowingly by fate, destined to become a true Alpha wolf, as he now leads the Talbot Pack. As well as the first to use his Lycan gifts to protect his home town, and soon the world from the forces in the Darkness.


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