A Two-part chapter in which Peter begins his role as a hero with his powers to show the world that monsters can be good... and the meeting of the Wolf that bit him.


Chapter 10

At Boo N' Nobles, Kylie is still doesn't believe that Peter is a werewolf until he transforms. Mikey then gets the idea that Peter should use his new form and become a super hero. Peter in his excitement at the idea agrees, Kylie has Peter change back, and begins measuring him for his costume. A while later, Kylie finds an outfit that works, begin discussing hero names, and Peter suggests and goes with Alpha which the others agree with.

Meanwhile, Sarah is at school showing after practicing her gymnastics, silently fuming about Ashley sitting with Peter and Christie, how she met her secret boyfriend Thomas Sizemore, and her mother's words of being perfect in everything. When she finished, she started getting dressed when she is bitten by a werewolf and welcomed to the world of darkness before the beast leaves.

Chapter 11

Sarah slowly wakes up from her attack, stumbles to a mirror, finds blood on the towel she is wearing, but finds that there is no blood on her. Not wanting to stick around, she gets dressed, and leaves the school.

Later on at Redbuster Video Rentals, Peter, Kylie, and Mikey go there to rent a movie. There Peter asks how Mikey and Kylie met where they say that Mikey helped defended her from some girls picking on her, one of them being Sarah. Later on, Sarah who is there renting a video for a secret date with Tom, finds Peter and Mikey and makes it clear to Peter that he is out of Ashley's league for dating. Then, the store is attacked by a werewolf. Peter goes to transform under the excuse of going to get help. He returns to fight the new wolf, only to be revealed as the one who made Peter a werewolf himself.

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