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Covey SimbatoEdit

Due to her lack of common sense from being caged like an animal and knowing only martial arts, after the two had mated on the full moon and had reconciled, she told Covey that she wanted to have his children out loud and had no regard for where it happened. She wants his genes as a Were-Lion, since she wishes to give birth to strong children as a way of making up time she feels she had lost as a woman while being trained as a warrior.

She begins to fall in love with Covey when he displays both strength and wisdom ,as well as a kind heart while being the Alpha of their pack/band. As the story progresses, it is shown that Li Mei has developed genuine romantic feelings for Covey due to his determination to protect his comrades even if he gets injured by doing so. She frequently seduces Covey whenever she can because she wants not just to give birth to strong children, but because she wants to be his and him hers.

She also emits a scary aura whenever the other girls are getting closer to him.

Talbot PackEdit

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Darke PackEdit