The Prologue to the story, as it gives out a thought and choice for the reader of Full Moon High

Synopsis Edit

It is said that Even a Man who is Pure of Heart,

And says his prayers by night,

May become a wolf, when the wolfbane blooms,

And the Autumn Moon is Bright.

Some say that such a thing is the power of Satan. The power to change men into beasts. Or simply a new species of human that bridges the gap between Man and the Animal Kingdom. A Creature that carries within them the power and ferocity of the creature they turn into, with the mind and soul of a human. But if such a being existed… which would be the more dominant half? The Man? Or the Beast?

It is said that there is No Sin to Kill a Beast, But there is Sin to Kill a Man.

So where does one End, and the Other Begin?

Or rather… does anything begin or end at all, or just simply a combination of the two?

And if it's control or a combination... what would you do with that gift? Use it for Good? Or for Evil?

In the End, the choice is all up to us.

Trivia Edit

  • The prologue uses some lines from the 2010 remake of Universal Studio's the Wolfman


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