The beginning chapter that introduces the main characters.

Synopsis Edit

It begins at Sherman High School as Peter Talbot, a teenage boy who was weakened most of his life due to certain illnesses (asthma) and ignored by most of the student body, considering him as a nobody. He starts the day in his homeroom class While there, he meets up with his best friend, Mikey Corvis. Before class begins, he is caught by Roland Zellinski, the local school bully, catching a glimpse of his girlfriend who is one of the Beauty Trio of the school, Ashley Norwest. She stops Roland saying she doesn't want her boyfriend in trouble before the dance in April. Just before lunch, Mikey and Peter meet up with Christie Argent, Peter's childhood friend since kindergarten. While at lunch, Peter, Mikey, and Christie talk about the school trip that Peter says can't go due to his physical condition. Then Roland takes a shot at Mikey by using his head to clean up the chili on the floor, even Ashley can't stop him this time, but Peter steps up telling him to leave him alone. Roland does now, but then concentrates on Peter by beating him up mercilessly, even with Christie trying to stop him with no success. But Coach Vincent stops him along and does not allow him to go on the Spring trip by having him do community service for the school gym, helping him out by cleaning up the pool. Roland snarls at the recovering Peter, Mikey, and Christie, stating they would pay for this, as he leaves them alone. This makes Peter decide to on the trip go just to avoid Roland, much to the latter's agreement.

Characters Appearing in this ChapterEdit

  • Peter Talbot
  • Mikey Corvis
  • Christie Argent
  • Ashley Norwest
  • Maria DeBlanca
  • Sarah Pattrel
  • Roland Zellinski
  • Coach Vincent